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When You Are Feeling Defeated? We Are Victorious!

Updated: Apr 14

Many of you don't know my full story just yet but one day you will. Quick summary about me, I to was feeling defeated at one point in my life, a couple of years back. Sometimes I might even get bits and pieces of those thoughts coming back in clusters, in my mind, trying to program me back to where I was a few years ago. I thank God who is the best and only antispyware, we will ever need to be victorious in our lifetime!

When we feel defeated, at some point in our lives just know God has a purpose for each and everyone one of us, God is in control, have faith in God! Believe in your ability as well, for it comes from God.

Tip #1 - Seek God First

Pray and speaking to God is basically almost the same thing. The more we practice it and build a relationship with God. The more we will eventually hear and get answers in many different forms.

Tip #2 - Praying

When we pray we are humbling ourselves to the most high, God, we are putting ourselves in a delicate position because, we may want to ask God (universe) for something, that God knows it might not be best for us or best for someone else. Just as we go to the store, we hope they have the drink or food we want, sometimes it doesn't work out that way. We might get something better or just something that will sustain us for now.

Genesis 1 : 1 - God created the Heavens and the earth.

Tip #3 - Building A Solid Relationship

The important part is building the connection with God so we may be Victorious in everything that we do. Having gratitude for what we are able to do.

Tip #4 - Stay Confident NO Matter What

After praying and building that connection its time to take action, "Roll The Dice Take A Chance Be Victorious", strategically after doing your research of course!

Tip #5 - Reading

Not only doing our research we also need to read books that are going to help us in the long run but also reading new material to stay informed. Reading the Bible to be Victorious Aka Dice. ( D-iving i-nto C-hrist E-veryday) will help us stay focused more.

We Are Victorious

Isiah 40 : 31 - Those who hope in the Lord will renew there strength. Never give up on yourself, do what you love, stay focused! Defeat is only when you give up! We are Victorious, we got this I believe in you!

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