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Updated: Mar 10

I have been at this journey for about A year and half now probably more than that by this time. Almost four months at the end of 2017 until now to be exact. Technically the start of 2018, it's fair to say. Today is August 3rd, 2019 and my birthday is tomorrow! I am super excited because all I want to do is continue on this journey, I am grateful for another year of life that God Blessed me and you with. I am happy that I finally figured out what I would love to do now for a career, what makes me happy even in the roughest times. I have learned so much in just this one year adventure, I thrive on learning everyday. I like to go over what I am learning again and again just because I want to make sure that my facts are correct, Really take in what I am learning. Especially when I am super passionate about it. I want to be able to help people. One way to do that, is to know (learn new things) to be able to know what I am talking about, so I may try to give you the best value I know how to. I thrive on helping people. As a child I always stepped out of my way to help people so it is nothing new. I am passionate about learning new things for not only myself but just for just in case anyone that crosses my path because God or the journey, make us meet at a certain point and time, for any reason. I would hope if you needed help with anything that I would be able to assist you. I want to bring you value and not B.S. really I do. It won't mean that I would have all the answers it just means I am here to help as much as I possibly can and that is why on this journey I am dedicated on learning as much as you. I also would like to build a great network community, that we may help each other especially if I don't have an answer to something one day, at least I am hoping for, that I would know someone who might, like one of my team mates. We all have to learn not just by reading or being told something in our ear all day but also by the experiences that our own journey takes us towards, by doing and taking action. I like learning even in situations that aren't always pleasant. The important thing is you don't keep doing the same wrong thing or mistakes over and over again. You have to learn from the mistakes you have made and keep going straight ahead to your goals. Life is beautiful and needs to be appreciated more. Appreciate what you have and stop worrying about what you don't have. If it was meant to be it will happen, as you work hard and faithfully continue to learn how to progress in your career or in life, or both go hand in hand actually. When you work hard staying patient along the way, you will appreciate it more than half stepping it, to get there "faster". It's like a football season, the season don't start one day and then tomorrow you might get the trophy? You might not even get the trophy this season but you work , work ,and work until that season comes. When you do get the trophy it's time to work even harder then before and continue working to stay on top. Be positive, don't focus on the negative as hard as that may be. Just focus on your goals the rest will come. You would have accomplish way more this way, by putting your efforts in your craft, Learning, keep learning and doing all that you can. When you get the reward guess what? It does not stop there, your work is not done, you have more seasons, more things to do, way more goals to accomplish and that is just the beginning. Never stop, you may slow down, catch a breather but never give up, You got this.

"Roll The Dice, Take A Chance, Be Victorious"

Victorious Aka Dice Productions

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