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Awesome Dice

Updated: Mar 10

Hi my name is Victorious Aka Dice, I have a passion for music and started to create unique Beats for, two almost three years now. Life took me on many journeys good and bad. No matter what I knew that I have to continue to take chances in life. To believe in myself. If we don't then who will. Why do we take chances, for a lot of things that didn't come easy, our freedom, love, money, family, for happiness, for friends, our business, our children, for the future, and many more reasons we take chances for. These are planned majority of the time at least they should be. Life as we know is unpredictable sometimes no matter what we have to keep on living and Roll The Dice Take A Chance Be Victorious. Shake things up and whether we're afraid or not we must push forward and keep doing what we love, and enjoy life. We wake up and walk out that door that alone is a chance that we take everyday etc Much love, be safe And God bless you.🙏🏾🎲🎲

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